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Chapter Activities for 2018


2018 Call for Nominations (updated deadline)

Please submit names of nominated individuals to Jay Stahan, Nomination Chair, via e-mail at nominationschair1@asqpalmbeach.org by DECEMBER 10, 2018.  Nominations require the submission of a nomination petition signed by at least 10 Regular Members*. The minimum number of required petition signatures from Regular Members varies based on section size, and is the lower of at least four percent of Regular Members (based on the previous year’s June section membership) or 10 members.  Eligible individuals must be Regular Members of the Society and have a membership in the Section.

Below is a brief description of each position that is open for nominations.  Each of these Section positions is for a one year term.

2019 Chair: The Chair provides leadership and oversight to the member unit, prepares meeting agendas, and is the presiding officer.

2019 Secretary: The Secretary documents member unit business and maintain the records. This position serves as the official correspondent of the member unit.

2019 Treasurer:The Treasurer oversees funds, maintains accurate financial records, and reports on financial condition as directed by the Society bylaws and policies and procedures.

*Regular members are voting members of the Society: Full, Senior, Fellow, Honorary, and primary contact of Site/Enterprise/School/District memberships.

**Divisions must have a Chair-elect.

Certification Exam Calendar

See calendar here.

ASQ Certification Moves to Computer-Based Test Delivery

Based on extensive market analysis and member feedback, ASQ has transitioned the delivery of its certification exams from paper and pencil, to computer-based testing, or CBT. The change will occur beginning with the September 28, 2016, exams.

Benefits of the change include an increase of annual administrations from two to six; additional days available for testing from four to 102; more testing location from 350 to 8,000; convenience of retesting reduced from six months to two months; and exam results in zero to four days instead of 10.

Exams initially will be available through computer-based test in English, with translated exams.

Posted on December 10, 2018